Making Waves: Art on the Island”, Ministers Island, NB, August 29 2018,

Event time: 6:30-9:30

‘MAKING WAVES’ Reception

Cheese-local and national; baguettes, crackers+GF, mini pretzels, fruit

Marinated and roasted vegetables, apricot curry dip

Sweet beet and yam chips, apple aioli dip


Smoked chicken éclair, almond and honey 

Tortiere tarts, pork tenderloin, potato, cran-apple BBQ glaze 

 Smoked maple salmon, sweet corn griddle cakes, lemon crème fraiche Gluten Free[GF]

 Vegetable spring rolls, sweet chili dip  VEGAN

Caprese; grape tomato, basil pesto-marinated mozz

 Sweet Morsel!

Baked lemon puffs and Italian meringue GF